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Hello and welcome to auto service experts online. You are probably here because you are looking for advice on either how to find the best mechanic in your area or want to learn how to perform car maintenance and repairs on your own.

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Problems with your car is no laughing matter, its your means of transportation to work, to pick up children, and to travel during your free time. We are dedicated to helping you learn how to get your car running well and keep it at peak performance!

How to Find a Mechanic in Your Area

Need help finding the perfect auto repair shop near you? We have tons of helpful tips that can get you on the right track.

Talking Shop With Us

We love talking shop with our readers! This is a great place to interact with other automotive enthusiasts and troubleshoot problems together.

Find The Right Mechanic

Find the right auto repair shop near you! If you are on this site you probably have had car problems recently you want to resolve. While we cant fix them for you we can help you find the right mechanic who can.

Transmission Service and Repairs

Without a properly functioning transmission, your car wont make it very far. One of our specialties is talking how to keep your car running great with a well maintained transmission.

Electrical Work and Repairs

Electrical issues are another common problem you might have with your vehicle, particularly as cars become more high tech all the time. The right mechanic can diagnose and fix nearly any electrical problem your experiencing.

Find The Right Mechanic Near You

Unless you are a very advanced auto repair hobbyist, you probably still need a mechanic in your area if nothing else for a second opinion or to make recommendations. The first thing you will want to find are recommendations for the auto repair shop in question. Find one with a history of great reviews like Aarrow Transmissions & Automotive who have been in the industry for years. Whether its online or simple through word of mouth by a friend or family member, get an overall feel for how current customers rate the service before you take your car in.

One other thing to figure out is how their pricing works. If you are getting a specific repair done, take a loot at what they charge per hour for labor and compare the price of the parts to other sources.

This isnt as common but if you can find a shop who warranties their work, this is a big plus. Its also a sign of a company who does good work because they know you most likely wont have a problem with the work they perform when they are confident the repairs will be done correctly the first time you bring your vehicle in.

Also think about whether you want to take you car to a specialist or a full service shop. Specialists might strictly or mostly work on things like transmissions, mufflers, electronics, auto body repairs or brakes. If you find a good full service auto repair business then you might not even need to think about going to a specialized shop.