Car Care Everyone Can Rely On

Anyone that owns a car knows that somewhere down the line you will eventually need to have your car serviced for repair whether it is due to an accident or normal wear and tear. I have owned five cars in my life time, both import and domestic, and I feel I have come across almost every problem that is physically possible.  Everything from transmission troubles to exhaust problems. It can be a very stressful moment in time especially when it affects your already busy schedule.

On Christmas Eve I found myself in another one of those automotive pickles which brought my day totech a complete halt. I woke up, got ready, and was about to head to work (to be followed by last minute Christmas shopping, of course!) but when I got in the car and put the keys in the ignition nothing happened. I tried turning the key multiple times but the engine would not turn over. I was already running late for work and needed to find a place to have my car repaired quickly as well as somewhere close by in the Richmond VA area. I took out my smart phone and started my search for the closest auto repair shop. In my search I found many places but Aarrow Transmissions had the best and most assuring comments and reviews.  I gave them a call and they said they could check out my car that day so I called a towing company and had my car taken to their shop. I headed to work and it wasn’t long after that I received a call back from an Aarrow associate.  I was happy to hear that the damage wasn’t too large being quoted at $365 dollars for a new alternator. I know this is a fair price because I had this done to an older Toyota Camry that I owned a couple years ago. I agreed to the servicing and they said the part would be in the following day with the work being completed the day after.

I was excited to get a confirmation call that my car was ready 2 days later, just like they had promised. 3 months later and the car is still running like a boss! I now have made Aarrow Transmissions my go to car care and repair shop and I would suggest them to anyone that wants quality work done in a jiff.

Don’t think twice about trusting these auto repair experts at Aarrow Transmissions!

Your Windshield Is Damaged – Can It Be Repaired?

It’s tough to be a windshield in Maine, and tougher still when winter arrives. For the next few months, local windshields will be dealing with temperature extremes: the icy cold of winter evenings alternated with morning blasts of hot air as we defrost our windows and warm up our frozen cars.

These daily heating and freezing cycles can quickly turn a small chip into a big problem with your windshield. If water is able to penetrate even the tiniest space or crack in the glass, it will expand as it freezes; this expansion will force apart the glass, expanding the chip or lengthening the crack. I’ve seen this process first-hand, and it can change the nature of your damage in a hurry.

There are two big reasons why you don’t want that chip to turn into a crack, or for a crack to lengthen. The first one is obvious: Windshield damage compromises your safety. Your vision will be the first thing to be compromised, when you no longer have a clear view of your surroundings. And as damage spreads, a windshield loses its ability to adequately protect you in an accident.

The second reason is a little less obvious: When damage is minor, it can often be repaired. The more quickly you take action after the damage occurs, the better your chances that a relatively inexpensive repair can solve the issue. The longer you wait, the more likely that you’ll require a more expensive and less convenient windshield replacement.

How do you know when that damage crosses the line from something that can be repaired to something that can’t be? The line varies depending on the repair company: Most repair companies are comfortable repairing chips up to an inch in diameter, and cracks no longer than six inches from end to end. I understand that the company that last repaired my windshield, Portland Glass, can be more conservative than that.

Repair companies may opt to replace rather than repair if the damage is located within a few inches of the windshield’s edge. Areas near the edge deal with higher stresses than the interior area of the windshield. A good repair company takes that into consideration when deciding whether repair or replacement is your best option.

Again – because this is worth stressing – a windshield that can be repaired today may require replacement tomorrow. The spread of a chip or crack is unpredictable, and the only thing we know for sure is that winter conditions make it more likely for damage to worsen. Do yourself a favor this winter and deal with any windshield damage as soon as you can.